Research progress on theaflavins: efficacy, formation, and preparation

  • Hua-Feng He
Keywords: Theaflavins, bio-activity, formation, preparation


Background : Theaflavins (TFs) are a category of natural compounds characterized with the benzotropolone skeleton. The prominent benefits of TFs have been well documented. Amount of research were conducted and excellent achievements were disclosed during the past years. However, as far as we know, there is no comprehensive review about TFs.

Scope and approach : This review summarized the recent research progress. The activity of TFs on anti-oxidation, anti-mutagenicity, hypolipidemic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral effect as well as the epidemiological cure were sorted. Converging pioneer literature and deduction, the underlying formation mechanism of TFs was proposed. Subsequently, acquisition of TFs was pointed out to be the fundament for further research. Accelerated by enzyme, bio-synthesis of TFs were reviewed simultaneously. At the end, employing modern analysis instrument and technology, isolations of TFs were enumerated.

Key findings and conclusions : Structure of the skeleton as well as functional groups were paramount related with the bio-activity of TFs. Meanwhile, oxidation pathway of two catechin molecules to form TFs were hypothesized. Also, ascertainment of the several therapeutic efficiency of the family members of TFs would be the next step in the future.


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