Iodine intake and status in two groups of Norwegians

  • Lisbeth Dahl
  • Helle M. Meltzer
  • Jill A. Opsahl
  • Kåre Julshamn


Objective: To evaluate the ranges of iodine intake and iodine status in two subgroups of the Norwegian population. Design: The participants in the Tromsø group (n=63) had a normal diet. The participants in the Bergen group (n=44) comprised people with a variable intake of fish and dairy products. Results: The iodine intake varied from 56 to 318 mg day-1 in the Tromsø group and from 30 to 427 mg day–1 in the Bergen group. Median intake of iodine (162 µg day-1) in the Tromsø group was significantly higher than in the Bergen group (89 µg day-1) (


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Dahl L., Meltzer H. M., Opsahl J. A., & Julshamn K. (2003). Iodine intake and status in two groups of Norwegians. Food & Nutrition Research, 170-178.

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