Safety of probiotics

  • Miguel Gueimonde
  • Arthur C. Ouwehand
  • Seppo Salminen


The use of probiotics in foods has increased significantly and there are more and more products available with high numbers of viable probiotics. This article reviews the safety information on probiotic microorganisms. A literature search and assessment of safety data on current probiotics were undertaken. No significant safety concerns for current probiotics were observed. The available data attest to the safety of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics. In conclusion, current probiotics are considered safe for food use and also have a long history of safe use with postmarket monitoring data available. However, rigorous safety assessment for novel probiotics and especially genetically modified probiotics needs to be established. Keywords: bifidobacteria; infections; lactic acid bacteria; probiotics; safety; side-effects


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Gueimonde M., Ouwehand A. C., & Salminen S. (2004). Safety of probiotics. Food & Nutrition Research, 42-48.