Food rules in the Koran

  • Tahire O. Kocturk


Islam is now the second largest religion in Scandinavia and has a high representation among immigrant groups. Knowledge of food rules in Islam is a necessity for nutritionists in multicultural settings. Food rules as they appear in the Koran are contained within the concepts of halal and haram. Halal means lawful, permitted and recommended by the Islamic law. Haram is the opposite, meaning unlawful, prohibited. Food rules are meant to be observed by postpubertal people in good physical and mental health living under peaceful social and economic conditions. This article clarifies the Koranic verses and traditions regulating food consumption. Keywords: Food rules, immigrants, Islam, Koran, Old Testament.


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Kocturk, T. O. (2002). Food rules in the Koran. Food & Nutrition Research, 137-139.