Popular diets, body weight and health: What is scientifically documented?

  • Susanne Bryngelsson
  • Nils-Georg Asp


This overview focuses on the scientific support for selected popular diets; the Atkins diet, glycaemic index methods, the Montignac diet and the palaeolithic diet. The practical application of the diets, and their nutritional composition, in comparison with official dietary recommendations, are also discussed. In conclusion, any diet reducing energy intake may be effective in short-term weight reduction. However, the long-term safety and efficacy of the popular diets need more research to be supported, and the burden of evidence should be placed on the promoters of the diets. Keywords: Atkins; glycaemic index; Montignac; palaeolithic diet


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Bryngelsson S, Asp N-G. Popular diets, body weight and health: What is scientifically documented?. fnr [Internet]. 2005Mar.1 [cited 2018Nov.20];:15-0. Available from: https://foodandnutritionresearch.net/index.php/fnr/article/view/237

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