Dietary supplementation with a specific melon concentrate reverses vascular dysfunction induced by cafeteria diet

  • Julie Carillon
  • Bernard Jover Montpellier University, Faculty of Pharmacy - EA7288
  • Jean-Paul Cristol
  • Jean-Max Rouanet
  • Sylvain Richard
  • Anne Virsolvy
Keywords: Vascular function, Oxidative stress, Antioxidant, Superoxide dismutase, Obesity


Background: Obesity-related metabolic syndrome is associated with high incidence of cardiovascular diseases partially consecutive to vascular dysfunction. Therapeutic strategies consisting of multidisciplinary interventions include nutritional approaches. Benefits of supplementation with a specific melon concentrate, enriched in superoxide dismutase (SOD), have previously been shown on the development of insulin resistance and inflammation in a nutritional hamster model of obesity.

Objective: We further investigated arterial function in this animal model of metabolic syndrome and studied the effect of melon concentrate supplementation on arterial contractile activity.

Design and results: The study was performed on a hamster model of diet-induced obesity. After a 15-week period of cafeteria diet, animals were supplemented during 4 weeks with a specific melon concentrate (Cucumis melo L.) Contractile responses of isolated aorta to various agonists and antagonists were studied ex vivo. Cafeteria diet induced vascular contractile dysfunction associated with morphological remodeling. Melon concentrate supplementation partially corrected these dysfunctions; reduced morphological alterations; and improved contractile function, especially by increasing nitric oxide bioavailability and expression of endogenous SOD.

Conclusions: Supplementation with the specific melon concentrate improves vascular dysfunction associated with obesity. This beneficial effect may be accounted for by induction of endogenous antioxidant defense. Such an approach in line with nutritional interventions could be a useful strategy to manage metabolic syndrome–induced cardiovascular trouble.

Keywords: vascular function; oxidative stress; antioxidant; superoxide dismutase; obesity

(Published: 7 November 2016)

Citation: Food & Nutrition Research 2016, 60: 32729 -



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Carillon J., Jover B., Cristol J.-P., Rouanet J.-M., Richard S., & Virsolvy A. (2016). Dietary supplementation with a specific melon concentrate reverses vascular dysfunction induced by cafeteria diet. Food & Nutrition Research, 60.
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