Obesity treatment: An overview with a dietary perspective

  • Anna Karin Lindroos
  • Jarl S:son. Torgerson


We are facing a rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity that is mainly related to behavioural changes in modem society. Life style changes and above all dietary changes are thus essential components in all obesity treatment programmes and in the present article an outline is given of different dietary treatment strategies. The role played by specific macronutrients, especially fat and carbohydrates, is also discussed. Many studies have been undertaken to evaluate the effects of different therapeutic approaches. In spite of this, knowledge about the design and implementation of dietary treatment programmes is rather limited, mainly due to methodological shortcomings. However, some features seem common to successful interventions. A multicomponent strategy including a low energy diet, increased physical activity and behaviour therapy seems more efficient than treatment programmes using just one or two of these modalities. Furthermore, obesity is a chronic disorder and long-term treatment improves weight loss and maintenance. Key words: Dietary treatment, GI, obesity, pharmacological treatment, very-low-calorie-diets, weight loss


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Lindroos A. K., & Torgerson J. S. (2001). Obesity treatment: An overview with a dietary perspective. Food & Nutrition Research, 2-7. https://doi.org/10.3402/fnr.v45i0.1782