Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2004, based on scientific evidence

  • Wulf Becker


The fourth edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) includes detailed recommendations on daily physical activity. For adults 30 min of daily physical activity of moderate intensity and/or vigorous intensity is recommended. More physical activity (about 60 min daily) may be needed for prevention of weight gain. For children a minimum of 60 min of physical activity every day is recommended. As in the third edition, a limitation in the intake of saturated plus trans fatty acids to about 10% of the total energy intake (E%) and in the total fat intake to 30 E% is recommended. The intake of carbohydrate and dietary fibre intake should increase, while the intake of refined sugar should not exceed 10 E%. NNR are primarily intended for planning of diets for groups of healthy subjects with normal body weight and sedentary to active lifestyle. NNR are not intended for weight reduction, but give the prerequisites for the prevention of weight gain and a reduction of risk for the most common diet-associated diseases in the Nordic countries. Keywords: chronic diseases; minerals; Nordic countries; nutrition recommendations; physical activity; vitamins


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Becker W. (2005). Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2004, based on scientific evidence. Food & Nutrition Research, 68-71.
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