Body fat and dairy product intake in lactase persistent and non-persistent children and adolescents

  • Ricardo Almon
  • Emma Patterson
  • Torbjörn K. Nilsson
  • Peter Engfeldt
  • Michael Sjöström
Keywords: Milk consumption, Lactose intolerance, LCT–13910C>T polymorphism, Obesity, Nutrigenetics


Background: Lactase non-persistent (LNP) individuals may be lactose intolerant and therefore on a more restricted diet concerning milk and milk products compared to lactase persistent (LP) individuals. This may have an impact on body fat mass. Objective: This study examines if LP and LNP children and adolescents, defined by genotyping for the LCT- 13910 C >T polymorphism, differ from each other with regard to milk and milk product intake, and measures of body fat mass. Design: Children (n=298, mean age 9.6 years) and adolescents (n=386, mean age 15.6 years), belonging to the Swedish part of the European Youth Heart Study, were genotyped for the LCT-13910 C >T polymorphism. Dietary intakes of reduced and full-fat dairy varieties were determined. Results: LNP (CC genotype) subjects consumed less milk, soured milk and yoghurt compared to LP (CT/TT genotype) subjects (p=0.001). Subsequent partitioning for age group attenuated this observation (p=0.002 for children and p=0.023 in adolescents). Six subjects were reported by parents to be ‘lactose intolerant’, none of whom were LNP. LNP children and adolescents consumed significantly less reduced fat milk and milk products than LP children and adolescents (p=0.009 for children and p=0.001 for adolescents). Conclusions: We conclude that LP is linked to an overall higher milk and dairy intake, but is not linked to higher body fat mass in children and adolescents.

Keywords: milk consumption; lactose intolerance; LCT-13910 C >T polymorphism; obesity; nutrigenetics

(Published: 16 June 2010)

Citation: Food & Nutrition Research 2010, 54: 5141 - DOI: 10.3402/fnr.v54i0.5141


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Almon R., Patterson E., Nilsson T. K., Engfeldt P., & Sjöström M. (2010). Body fat and dairy product intake in lactase persistent and non-persistent children and adolescents. Food & Nutrition Research.
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